With Reverent Hands – check my post at Booklust

 I have to toot my own horn here for a minute. Not just because I am proud, but also because I want all of you to notice that fabulous book that I am highlighting in Aarti’s guest-post series With Reverent Hands. I have been a fan of Aarti’s blog Booklust for a long time. I first “met” Aarti here on my own blog. I think she came to visit me because I had been agonizing somewhere else about my inability to come out of the closet and ask if I could guest post somewhere. Aarti had an opening in her Rosie’s Riveters guest post-series, and I was much honored to do my first guest post there. Also, I can always find an indepth review there, and more often than not, I discover authors I’ve never read, let alone heard of, before. Not just in the With Reverent Hands-series, but generally.

I am pretty sure most of you know Aarti – I see many of my own favorite bloggers commentning on her blog – but if you don’t then check out her blog. And also check out my With Reverent Hands guest post highlighting of a book I am curious to know if you have ever heard about.

Please note that With Reverent Hands is not a meme, so while I have shamelessly borrowed Aarti’s badge for this post, I do think you should ask for permission before stealing it yourself 😉