International book bloggers are hot stuff

I know I’ve been away for a while. And while I was gone, international book bloggers has become the new it-thing. We are suddenly hot stuff with our clumsy English, written in the shadow of our big sisters and brothers from (mainly) North America, UK and Australia.

Jokes aside. I’m only speaking for myself of course! And I’ve never met more open and open minded bloggers than the book bloggers, no matter what nationality. And I’ve never felt I lived in the shadow of any bloggers – in fact, I need to immediately stress that I’ve been invited to many fun features (guest blogging, guest bloggers etc) by book bloggers regardless of me being Danish. My English problem mainly exists in my own head and it is mainly myself setting up those limits I feel the obvious language barriers presents.

And this is just plain, great news. I’m honestly thrilled.

In a matter of minutes, looking for something else entirely, I found two new features actively involving international bloggers. If you are not already aware (again, I have been MIA for a while and this may have been discussed at length before) I think you should check out Charlotte’s blog The Book on the Hill and her feature Book Blogging Around The World.

International Book Tours is another new (to me) feature where all bloggers, regardless of country, can join the various tours. IBT deals with YA for the time being, and I hope to both donate and read for IBT. What a great, new feature. IBT is managed by the young ladies Reggie from The Undercover Book Lover and Mavie from The Bookologist.