Blog Improvement Project # 1

Yep. I’m late doing this. There will be a new BIP-post up tomorrow, but since the first one is about creating a Blog Improvement to-do-list, I feel like I should do that first of all, and then hopefully stick to it throughout the year.

Anyone can join The Blog Improvement Project. I participated whenever I had the time last year, and this year I will try to do as many of the “tasks” as possible. I do think it is a good idea, and I know for sure that my blog can use improvement.

Its not that the blog doesn’t work fine as it is, because it does. But that doesn’t mean that I cannot make improvements, since there are some things which I’ve wanted to change for some time now

  • Fix labels/categories so that I do not have so many, many of which only used once.
  • Find out how to get tabs into a Blogger-blog
  • Find a more professional looking template*
  • Make bookish links to stores, libraries, publishers etc
  • Participate in the book blogger community more. This means more commenting and more time spend on replying to peoples comments
  • Try to write some posts that are not just book reviews, but still about books/literature/bookish things
  • Mix short and long reviews (actually, I think I am already doing this)
  • Link to others reviewing and reading the same books as myself
  • Look into social media
  • Categorize reviews

*By professional I don’t mean in that I am going to make the blog a business. It is and has always been a hobby for me to blog. I am not a book professional, and I am not here to sell stuff.

I am right now going to clean up the categories and maybe find some new ones which will fit better. So, the Blog Improvement Project has begun :-) Thanks to Kim and Jackie for the work in doing this.