Blog Improvement Project is back

Great news which I just found out. Kim’s (Sophisticated Dorkiness) Blog Improvement Project which ran through 2009 is back, and this year Kim will continue the project with Jackie (Farm Lane Books Blog). I have signed up and am looking forward to yet another year of Blog Improvement. I didn’t do all assignments last year, but those I did manage to do were great, and I actually learned a bit along the way. Whether the blog has improved or not I am not to say, but I like to think that it has. Just a little bit. But there are many other things which can be improved, and since I’ve been blogging more or less the same way since July 2006 where I began, I hope that 2010 will bring me ideas to improve whatever I feel needs improvement.

Visit Kim and Jackie through the links above. You can also go straight to the Blog Improvement Project Blog and check that out. I look so much forward to begin this.