Burning for Revenge by John Marsden

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t read this series and plan to do so, then you may find minor spoilers in this reviews revealing things which happen in previous books.

This is the 5th book in John Marsden’s Tomorrow-series. You can do a search through my labels for Tomorrow Series or John Marsden and find my reviews for the previous four books in the series. Ellie and her four remaining friends Fi, Kevin, Lee and Homer are once again hiding out in Hell, their special place in the Australian bush where they were first camping out the previous year when their country was invaded by the enemy. After several sabotage-events – and a rescue to New Zealand just to go back to Australia again for a new attack – all the teens have sort of grown into themselves. They cannot sleep properly, they have nightmares, they feel bad. War and the things they have done during the year the war has been raging, is taking a huge toll on them and they may be lingering on several nervous breakdowns. So when the idea of going to the larger city of Stratton is proposed, most of them agree that they will go. Maybe they will even come up with a new idea for a sabotage on their way.
Without even knowing it, they end in a place where there is absolutely no way out unless they stage their biggest, boldest and most dangerous guerilla attack yet. The group of war-weary and shell shocked friends are not even sure they will survive, but they put everything into dealing the enemy an enormous blow.

The masterly description of the development of the characters has been ongoing through all the books in the series, and Marsden delivers again in this book. Everything is well thought out, and there are some magnificent scenes in the book which lends to the credibility of the characters and their difficulties, different personalities and much more. Having grown to know their modus operandi I wasn’t that much on the edge of my chair while reading this one, but the ending make for a great continuation of the 6th book, The Night is for Hunting, which I managed to track down second hand from a seller in US. Now I am just waiting for it to arrive.