NaBloPoMo # 25: Aftermath by Peter Robinson

Aftermath is number 12 in the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson. Some of you will know that I’ve read a lot of books in the series, but completely out of order. That has not really bothered me, and it didn’t bother me this time, although I remembered the case of this book because I’ve read about it in one of the later ones. That did tell me who the killer was before the police knew it. But never mind, it certainly was a great read anyway, and very well put together.

Young, tall and blonde school girls has been disappearing for months, and Inspector Alan Banks is heading a task force investigating the missing girls cases. No one is able to get to the bottom of those mysterious vanishings, and there is real fear that this is not just your average teenage run-aways, but that there is a serial killer on the loose, although no bodies has turned up.

The timid Canadian artist Maggie lives in 32 The Hill, across the street from Lucy and Terrence in 37 The Hill. One night where she again is unable to sleep, she hears noises and voices from Lucy and Terrence’s place, and decides to call the police, reporting what she fears is domestic violence. Two  young officers, Dennis and Janet, respond to the call, and before the night is over, one of them is dead.

Banks is called to the scene, and within a few hours it becomes clear that the domestic violence case and the missing girls case are linked, much closer than anyone imagines in the first hectic hours of investigating the domestic violence case.

And so the scene is sat for a thrilling mystery moving fast and without forgetting the excellent development of all the main characters, some of which we already know a lot about from previous (and later) books in the series. Recommendable!

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