NaBloPoMo # 20: Blog Improvement Project: Guestblogging

About a week ago I wrote this post about my hesitation concerning guestblogging. Writing a guestblogger post and also having someone guestblogging on your page was the current Blog Improvement Project task. I asked for advice and received some very valuable comments from bloggers around the book blogging world. I was not writing the post to have bloggers fall over themselves to invite me to their blogs guestblogging away, but I nevertheless received invitations from some, and since this is my first time doing such a thing, I was indeed grateful. Within an evening of mailing back and forth, Dorte of DJ’s Krimiblog and I agreed that I should post a guestblogger’s post on her blog this week. The subject was up to me. Since Dorte’s blog is mainly about thrillers and mysteries, I decided to write about a series of mysteries set in Ancient Egypt. You can read that post here.

Dorte is also going to guestblog on my blog, but due to her hectic schedule (in addition to her day job as an English teacher and taking care of her family, Dorte is also an avid reader, writer and blogger in both Danish and English) Dorte’s guestpost will not be up until sometime in December. I am already looking much forward to see what Dorte choose to blog about.

I was also invited by Aarti of BOOKLUST to do a guestblog on her blog in the near future. Aarti runs a weekly feature called Rosie’s Riveters, and that feature is, in Aarti’s own words: Rosie’s Riveters is a weekly posting written by Booklust readers about riveting females in literature. I am looking much forward to do that guestpost as well, although I haven’t figured out exactly what riveting female I will blog about.

All in all I think this Blog Improvment Project task was fun. I was hesitating and reluctant at first and I agree that it was all made very easy for me when readers of this blog sort of offered their blogs to me without me having to ask, but perhaps I have a bit more guts now to ask people. And one thing is sure, I will definitely ask people to guestblog at my pages, because I think that a new voice from time to time can only be a good thing.

Blog Improvement Project is hosted by Kim of Sophisticated Dorkiness.

This is the 20th post in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.