NaBloPoMo # 16: More Holiday fun in the blogiverse

This time last year I had reconnected with my English blog after a year of absence. I began making my way round the first few book blogs I happened upon, one of which was Marg’s ReadingAdventure. From Marg I learned about Kailana’s The Written World, because Marg and Kailana were hosting The Virtual Advent Tour. At that time I had already been making a few Weekly Geek’s posts and was finding out just how valuable it is to get to know your fellow bloggers and to interact with them on their pages. So I thought why not sign up for this as well. And so I did. It was a great month of Advent reading and posting. I so enjoyed reading the day’s Advent Posts and my google reader and blog roll grew each day. I also enjoyed writing my own Advent Post, but it was definitely as much fun to read others.

I was thrilled to see The Virtual Advent Tour is going to roll this year as well, and have immediately signed up. Its hosted by Marg and Kailana again this year (4th year in a row), and we take off December 1. There is still time to sign up. Also, who can NOT sign up when seeing those pretty buttons?!

This is the 16th post in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.