NaBloPoMo # 13: Guest Blogging?? Any advice? Do’s and Dont’s?

The Blog Improvement Project just presented the most daunting task (dauting to me anyway). This week and the next, we are looking into the concept of guest blogging and guest bloggers. While I do not mind asking a blogger if they would write a guest post for my blog, I can feel that I am a bit shy (and I am definitely not a shy person normally) offering myself and my fabulous posts to any old blogger…

Some of my reluctance has to do with the language barriers. Yes, you have told me more than once that my English is fine, and I am very thankful for that. But the fact is that it is not my native tongue, and there will always be something making a post in English less lively than one in Danish. So I am a little self conscious about that, although I guess I can overcome it. Another part of my reluctance is because I feel humble (and again, in real life I am actually not as humble as I probably should be) when I compare my blog to other blogs. So many of the blogs seem so pro, and it seems like the bloggers always know what to say, in an interesting way.

Anyway, as you may have guessed, I am just a tiny bit nervous about this whole thing. On the other hand, I would not have made this post, if I had decided NOT to try this out! So perhaps you can help!?

Not by offering that I can come write on your blog. Before we come to that, I am curious to know a bit about your experiences with guest blogging and guest bloggers. Do you blog directly at their blog or do you send your post as an e-mail. What to do and what not to do, how to contact potential strangers? I already know that I will not ask say a politician to write at their blog about political issues etc., but it does not necessarily have to be a book blog about books and reading.

This is the 13th post in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.