NaBloPoMo # 9: The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen

Tess Gerritsen has written a serial-killer novel. Other reviewers has said the same thing, and I will repeat it: it is not good enough, it has been done better before! The Apprentice is a rip-off of serial killer/frustrated police-woman/gruesome medical examiner facts-books by Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs and others, who does it much better than Ms. Gerritsen. There is not much new in this book, and it is hard to feel anything for the characters. Even the serial killer is just annoying. Jane Rizzoli, the frustrated police-woman, battling not only with sexist issues at the station but also the mental and physical scars from the same serial killer in a previous book, is trying hard to find him again, when he escapes prison. She cannot admit that she is scared to death, and while we try hard to gain some sympahty for her, the killer is getting closer and also playing gruesome mindgames with her. She is almost too stubborn for her own good. When the story is about to get going, it ends. Too much space in this book is used to descibe Jane Rizzoli’s mental health, and her angst and anxiety and it gets boring. I was not impressed with this book, but – will not rule out that I could pick up another Tess Gerritsen book another time.

The above review has been posted on my review-page on June 20, 2004. And I did end up liking her books more, also the ones with Jane Rizzoli. But they will never become “5-star-favorites”.

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