NaBloPoMo # 5: My Australian Adventure with the help of Mim

Some of you will know that I am currently reading Australian writer John Marsden’s Tomorrow-series about a group of teenagers who find their country (Australia) invaded, under siege and taken over by unfriendly forces. See John Marsden’s cool website here.

I’ve only read two books so far – there are seven books in the series in total. I have never been to Australia and only know little about that big country. And when reading the Tomorrow-books it became clear to me that I actually had a hard time picturing “The Bush”, which plays a rather important role in the books. It began to annoy me, so I headed over to Mim’s blog Mim’s muddle. Mim is an Australian, mom of three, and in her own words she spends her time

doing mum stuff, volunteering at the kids’ school, making jewellery and occasionally pretending to be a viking and I also work part-time for a small magazine publisher. I’m a book addict and I’m always in need of new bookshelves.

I have “known” Mim through blogging for about a year, and always enjoy her posts about family, activities, books and much more. I asked Mim if she knew where I could find some images of “The Bush”, because the way I picture it, a “bush” is something rather flat with almost dead shrubbery going on as far as the eye can see…and I couldn’t picture how on earth a bunch of teenagers could actually hide out in “The Bush”. So Mim went above and beyond and set up a post about the Australian bush with images of the very varied landscapes one find there. Now I see how the kids in the Tomorrow-books are able to hide. Specially from an enemy who are not familiar with those magnificent landscapes.

Head over to Mim’s blog and check out the post The Australian Bush. The images posted here on my pages are loaned from Mim’s blog with her blessing, but there are many more on her page. They show landscapes all considered “The Bush”. I want to go to Australia!!!

This is the fifth post in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.