NaBloPoMo # 4: Readings for Women Unbound

Since it is a challenge which runs for a whole year: November 1, 2009 – November 1, 2010 I have decided to join, despite all good intentions of not letting challenges rule my reading life. There are several ways of joining, and the Women Unbound rules plus a lot of inspirational lists can be found on the main page here. I have decided to be a level 1 reader: Philogynist: read at least two books, including at least one nonfiction one.

So here is my little list:

Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel (memoir by a lesbian cartoonist, graphic novel)

The Wiles of Men and Other Stories by Salwa Bakr (collection of short stories by Egyptian feminist author)

I am looking forward to read those books, and the amount of only two books actually makes the challenge seem not so daunting. I may even succeed.

This is the fourth post in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.