Sunday Mini Reviews: Moon Palace by Paul Auster

Sunday Mini Reviews is a weekly feature where I highlight a book or a series that I’ve read pre-blogging or pre-reviewing on Amazon. Highlighting the book or series is done in various ways depending on my mood and energy on the given Sunday. It can be everything from a single line or link to a fuller review or a quote from another blogger or reviewer who read the same book or series. But no matter the way it is being done, you can be sure that it is a recommendation and that I’ve read the book or series myself.

This Sunday I am highlighting the first Paul Auster novel I read: Moon Palace.

This is from Publishers Weekly via

Marco Fogg, loner and dreamer, is forced from his Manhattan apartment and roams Central Park as a vagrant until he is rescued by gentle Kitty Wu. “The moon as a poetic and planetary influence over earthly affairs runs as a theme, wittily ransacked, throughout this elegant fiction.

Its not the best Paul Auster I’ve read, but it did get me sort of hooked on him, and I’ve read quite a few of his works since then. I read Moon Palace in 1993, where my cousin gave it to me for my birthday. I didn’t know Paul Auster before, and neither did she, but she stumbled upon it during a vacation in the UK where she visited a friend of hers. This friend of hers apparently recommended Moon Palace, and my cousin found that I needed to snap out of reading only Jackie Collins-novels – which I certainly did a lot back then ;o)