Should I get one? Kindle experiences.

Until now, I haven’t had to think about this. Kindle and other readers were not available in Denmark (or Europe for that matter). Yes, I guess there has been some readers available, but none has really been advertized – and if they have been available and/or advertized, people have had bad experiences with them. So, last night I get an e-mail from telling me, that Kindle is now available in Europe. I am immediately tempted. I will never stop buying books (I think), but the thought of being able to take a ton of books with me when I travel instead of just two or three is appealing. Very appealing. The fact that I also love gadgets (but don’t necessarily know how to use them) is also a huge factor here. A Kindle is quite expensive (at least to me) though, so I am not rushing out there to get it. I want to think more about it.

So I am asking you, do you own one/have tried one, and how do you like it? No doubt we all like the feel and smell of new books and the look of a towering TBR-pile. So this is not so much a question of whether “the book is dead or not” as it is a question of how you like Kindle. Also, if you haven’t got one, would you consider it? The look of the new Kindle is lovely 😉 although the image is of the first generation Kindle. The new one is slimmer, but I could not find an image of it, perhaps because it is not being released until October 19.

The image is from The Same Rowdy Crowd.