Sunday Mini Review

A lot of other bloggers are doing mini-reviews, and I think that is a great idea. Starting from today and at least the rest of the year, I want to do one or more mini-reviews each Sunday. I have been blogging since 2006, and while I have reviewed most books I’ve read since then either here on or my Danish blog, I have been reading for so many years, that there are a lot of books that I want to make mini-reviews for. I have also read a lot of books for my studies, which I think deserve a line or three. And then there are cookbooks, series, cartoons, books read only partly etc etc. All book deserving some words here.

Why not write complete reviews then, you may ask. First of all because I think that would be a task. Not something I would do for fun. And secondly, even though I remember many of the books that I have read in vivid detail, I am also pretty sure that I will not be able to make a complete review. In many cases it is more a feeling, that I remember than what the actual persons said and did in the book. This way I can mini-review say a whole series, YA I read years ago, all books I’ve read in a certain genre etc. Only rule is that the book(s) of the mini-review(s) must not have been reviewed here before.

This Sunday I will kick this into works with a mini-review of Bridget Jones’s Diary by Helen Fielding.

Bridget Jones’s Diary was published first time in 1996 (gasp! can’t believe it is 13 years ago) and is definitely the mother of all chick lit novels which has been published since then. Bridget sat the norm for how our chick lit heroine should be: clumsy, annoying yet likeable, a bit of an ugly duckling yet pretty, always searching for Mr. Right and having to go through a bunch of Mr. Wrongs before finding Mr. Right. Bridget Jones’s Diary is a fun read, and I am curious to know if it is still funny today, 13 years after it was published first time. This book is a must in any chick lit collection.