Strange Affair by Peter Robinson

Strange Affair is no. 15 in the Inspector Banks series. When we left Inspector Banks, Annie Cabbott and the other policemen and women in Eastvale, dramatic stuff had happened. Everyone are still licking their wounds, mainly Banks, who has withdrawn into himself. When the book begins, he is on vacation. Not abroad, but at home. He receives a mysterious call from his somewhat estranged brother Roy, but he is not home to answer the call. Mystified and intrigued he leaves for London to ask Roy what is up, but Roy has disappeared, leaving only his cell phone behind. As Banks digs into the disappearance, he finds out things about Roy that he had never suspected, and he meets some of the people who were Roy’s friends, business partners and lovers. Meanwhile, Annie Cabbott is trying to get hold of Banks, but he has left his cell phone back in Eastvale. He is desperately needed in Eastvale, as a young girl has been found shot, and traces are leading in all directions. Biggest fear is that the Eastvale police are dealing with a serial killer.

This was an exciting read, and I really liked it. I will take a break from the Banks-thrillers now and concentrate on some of my challenge reads instead. But if you begin reading the Banks-series, I can definitely recommend this one.