Bloggiesta! Update # 3

Its 6.30PM in Denmark and its time for a break from the Bloggiesta-festivities. Since beginning early this afternoon, I have completed one mini-challenge, been to a couple of blogs on my blogroll commenting, figured out what Stumble Upon is and how it is used (that wasn’t so hard, LOL, thought it was much more technical), written a review, written a post using questions from last week’s Weekly Geeks and written one post to be published later. I have just spent 1½ hour more on Bloggiesta-tasks, so my total count is now 4½ hours of Bloggiestaing. Now I will take a short break, check up on dinner and fix some strawberries so that they are ready for dessert (the image is not taken today, though). I will hopefully be back later after dinner and maybe a bit of TV.