Suggetions Young Adult

While I certainly have a major TBR with “adult” literature, a lot of challenges that I am determined to finish etc, I have thought about broadening my horizon a bit and stepping out of my comfort zone (whatever that is, since I read pretty much any genre and don’t have genres I refuse to read) and read some YA-literature.

One of the reasons is, that I have noticed that it is a very, very popular genre, also with adults. I am aware that there are many parents out there who read those books in order to see what their kids are reading, but it is also my feeling, that many of you simply read this genre because you enjoy it.

Another reason is that I plan writing an article about this genre later this year or next year, and in order to do that, I think I should sort of know what I am talking about ;o)

However, what defines YA for you? The themes? The writing-style? Or somenthing else? I mean, the themes I guess are seen in YA, are more or less the same themes we read in the “adult” literature, isn’t it?

Since I am in Denmark, I do not have the possibility to get those books you will hopefully recommend by the truckload from the library and need to purchase them along the way. Therefore I need to be a bit picky, because books are expensive in Denmark (and we cannot buy from due to tax-rules).

I have read a good deal of vampire- and fantasy books aimed at the adult reader, so I am not primarily interested in reading YA with that theme. But anything else goes. Do you have any suggestions? Also “classic” YA books are okay, although I think I have read some of them when I was a YA myself if they were among those which were translated into Danish. But fire away :-)

I look much forward to your recommandations.

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