Cleaning and organizing and a new blog as well

Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I have begun cleaning and organizing a bit here and there. I am stille eagerly awaiting Beth putting op her link on how to make tabs on Blogger, cleaning up labels and clutter, and inspired by both Beth, Jackie, and other bloggers, I am trying to organize my blog(s) this Sunday afternoon.

I never really got into my Egyptology Weekend feature. For some reason, I don’t think that it belongs here, where I will, for the most part, try to talk about books, literature and related subjects.

I have a Danish Egyptology blog which I maintain with a colleague of mine, and since I am writing posts for that blog from time to time, I thought I would set up one in English also. This way I only have to write one post and then translate it to the other language. So you can say, that the Egyptology Weekend feature is moving there, and disappearing from here.

You are all, of course, more than welcome to check out the new Egyptology blog here, and I will also link to it here when there is something new going on. You are also welcome to ignore it completely ;o)

The image is from the website of Oriental Institute.