Blog Improvement Project 3.1: Links

For this round of Kim’s Blog Improvement Project we are looking into different sorts of posts and how to find some tricks and tips which may (or may not?) make our posts better. For the next 14 days I am going to try and make a post in the ten categories that Kim suggests. One of the post-types, which is also an easy one to do, is to post a link list. So that is what I am going to do today.

There are some tips as how to make a good link-post. It should not look like it was put together in haste. The links should not be directing the reader to pages or blogs where they have already been many times. The links should somehow reflect who you are as a blogger. Hmmm. I am mainly a book-blogger, but so many of us are, so instead of making a list of only book-links, I am going to make a list that may reflect a bit upon some of the things I find interesting one way or the other. The list is made in random order.

1. Magnum Photos. I am absolutely crazy about the Magnum Photo website. Magnum Photography is a world-wide exclusive club of professional photographers and as far as I know, you have to be invited to become a member. Some of the iconic images we all know from the 20th Century are most likely by a Magnum photographer. The founder was Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson, David Seymour, George Rodger and William Vandivert. There are some amazing photos there from the recent inauguration in Washington DC.

2. Freedom for Egyptians. This is just one of many blogs written these years by young Egyptians who has had enough. And they are unstopable. Which I think is great. I sit here safe and sound writing my blog, but in other countries around the world, there is censorships, bans and whatnot. Not only in Egypt and not only in the Middle East. The Freedom for Egyptians blog is not the most hard-core of them, but if interested, you can find links there to some of the hard-core blogs. Bloggers has been imprisoned in Egypt for expressing critique with the government and blogger are denied freedom of speech. But the blogmovement is growing in Egypt no matter how many bloggers are sent to jail.

3. Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archeology. Sir W. M. F. Petrie is one of the giants of Egyptian Archaeology. He worked in Egypt in the late 1800’s and in the beginning of the 1900’s and he was one of the first “real” archaeologists. He wasn’t just into finding “treasures” for himself, he also provided museums around the world with first class items. He was sponsored by funds and foundations and back then, the law was, that the funder or the foundation got whatever was dug up. This is not possible today, where everything found in Egypts stays in Egypt (and rightly so), but back then the laws were different. The Petrie Museum is located in London.

4. Go Fug Yourself. Celebrity Fashion Diss and I love it.
This is the first post in the Blog Improvement Project which will run for the next 14 days.