Weekly Geeks # 4: Other passions

The great team behind Weekly Geeks are enquiring about passions this week. Read the full post here.

Image of man and wife on an ushabti-box from a tomb.

What are our passions outside of books and blogging? First of all, I am questioning myself, do I even feel passionate about anything at all…? Passionate is such a big word. But then again, I do know that I do not have to take the meaning literally and that if I translate it to something like “what are your other interests” it applies (and appeals) more to me. I can see the gap between being passionate about something and having an interest in something. But taken literally, I am not red-hot with passion over anything. But I am interested in a lot of things, and definitely, I feel more interested in some things over others. And there are of course things which I am very interested in and spend a lot of time doing or thinking about. Surely.

So okay, here goes!

Travel is one of my great interests as well as travel-writing. I feel at home in many places around the world and have travelled since I was 6 years old, where my parents took me and my two siblings on a month long journey to Italy and Greece. I have spent a year of my life living in USA and about a year (totalt) living in Egypt. And USA and Egypt are my fave places to travel. I have written two guidebooks on Egypt (in Danish) and several travel-related articles both online and in “real” papers and magazines. I am very passionate (oops, there it was, the word…) about that. Some of my fave destinations are (in random order): San Francisco, New Orleans, Luxor (Egypt), Cairo (Egypt), Berlin (Germany) and Chora Sfakion (Crete). Blue door in Chora Sfakion

San Francisco seen from Alcatraz

I spend a lot of time on http://www.tripadvisor.com/ where you can find all sorts of travel-related stuff.

Photography is another interest I have. I am by all means a complete amateur. I am NOT saying this in order to have all of you claim the opposite. I truly am. I have no idea whatsoever about the right lightening, white-balance, ISO or any other technicalities, I am a point and shoot-kind of photographer. I do want to become a better amateur though and have contemplated taking some serious lessons. I am quite sure I would learn a great deal and also learn to take better pics. I am also the proud owner of a fancy Canon-camera, and many of it’s features are wasted on me. Oh….I am passionate about NOT photoshopping my images. I may twist an image so that the horizon is in sync or remove red eyes. I may also crop an image or do other minor stuff with the images. But the extreme photoshopping I see around some online photography-pages, well, that doesn’t do it for me. As far as photography goes, that is cheating.

I post a variety of my photos on flickr. There are some tremendously good photographers also posting images there, but basically it is amateur heaven.

Egyptian man Ahmose. Part of statue with his mother

Egyptology. Actually, I am about to receive my MA in Egyptology with a thesis, which I will deliver during the late spring this year. I have studied for many years, but took a lot of years “off ” after my Bachelors in order to work. Last summer I stopped working at the art museum where I had worked for 5 years in their Dept. of Egyptian Antiquities to finish the MA-degree. But I am still doing guided tours at the museum though. And I also got myself another job as I found it difficult just to sit at home writing the thesis. This has meant that instead of completing in 6 months it will take me 12 months, but the end is near, and I am looking forward to that and to receive the degree. Anyway, I have lived in Egypt as well while studying and worked there as a guide, but that is some years back now. I go there at least once a year, sometimes more. I am mostly interested in the old stuff, but over the years I have also gained an interest in the modern life and world. There are literally tens of thousands of websites out there about Ancient Egypt and all but perhaps a couple of hundred (maybe even less) are worth your while. The rest are….well, crap.

Boy on donkey in front of Pyramid of Chephren, Giza, Cairo

A couple of good sites are this one about the pyramids of Giza and this one about the royal burials in Valley of the Kings.

Softdrink from Fizzy Thoughts and I share a great interest in travel.

I guess that is it ;o) I also like fashion, pop-culture, art, urban/street art, American History and food! All images above are from my own flickr-photostream.