Blog Improvement Project Week 1.

Some time ago last year I decided to sign up for The Blog Improvement Project hosted by Kim at Sophisticated Dorkiness. The first and last Monday every month, Kim writes a post which in one way or the other is about how you can improve your blog, whether you want a new look for your blog, want to be more specific in your posts, want to write better etc. I have been waiting for the first “challenge” to come up and now it is here! Click here to read the full post.

The first challenge (if that is the right word) is about setting goals for your blog. Sophisticated Dorkiness links to a set of interesting articles around the net about blogging and setting goals, and I have briefly “leafed through” some of the pages and read a few of them more throughly. It was interesting reading and I recommend all to have a look, if only a brief one. On the Problogger blog I found a list of questions the blogger can ask herself, when trying to set some goals for 2009.

I know it may sound a bit weird to start off the whole goal-setting theme by mentioning what are NOT my goal, but it is important to me to stress that I blog for fun, not for money and/or free books. Not that there is anything wrong with professional blogging, but it is not my goal to become a pro.

However, I do have some goals for my blog(s) for 2009. First of all I want to have a nice looking blog. I know there are many templates out there and I keep trying different ones. Either nothing seems to work or else I cannot figure out all the html involved . I do have an idea about how I want to blog to look: nice and cosy but not too cluttered, more sidebars (three would be nice) and the ability to make organized archives. I am pretty sure most can be done if I took the time looking at the dashboard’s possibilities, around the net or changed to another provider. But I did try another provider (with my Danish blog) and I was not happy about it and had to change back. So for now I am sticking to Blogger.

I am very happy about the visitors stopping by here on a regular basis and it has proved much easier to have people visiting here than on the Danish blog. I know that the English-speaking world is larger, but it is actually surprising how few Danish book blogs there are and how reluctant people are to come visiting/commenting there. It may have to do with the posts, of course, so another goal is to make better posts. Written in a better way and being to the point.

Writing better is also a goal for my English blog. I don’t mind people being able to read that I am not a native English speaker, but I would like less grammar- and spelling mistakes. Grammar and spelling is not an issue with the Danish blog, but I know it is here and I would love to be able to express the same in English which I am able to do in Danish. But that is probably a more longterm project.

My goal for this blog’s theme is still going to be books and book related subjects. I don’t feel the need for a personal diary-style blog, although I do not mind slipping in some personal stuff along the way.

A year from now I want my blog to have a fresh, new look and I want to be able to look back and say that I have written some interesting posts that people liked to read.

Julia from A Piece of my Mind also has a post up about her goals for 2009.
A note January 6, 2009: Since I wrote my post above, a lot of other bloggers have put their links up in the Mr. Linky on the Blog Improvement Project page. I have also done a blogroll (see left sidebar) containing the participants so far, and I urge you to check out the various posts. There are many great goals and ideas! I know I have become very inspired so far by reading other posts as they tick in :-)