National Blog Posting Month # 28: Keeping track

How do you keep track of your read books? I used to note down every single book I read in my beloved A Booklover’s Diary. I always found spreadsheets to be boring, so I have been happy with my diary. Then I began blogging and already at the beginning, I decided to review every book I read and thus keeping track on my blogs. But that soon became too difficult. I blog about books in both Danish and English, and many of the Danish books I read are not available in English. Then I quit my English blog for a while and forgot all about keeping track. I also quit my Danish blog (for a shorter period though) and after a while I had to do some detective work to reconstruct everything I had read during those periods. Anyway, pretty soon after I began blogging I also got to know Library Thing, Shelfari and GoodReads and I have managed to keep both my Shelfari and my GoodReads pretty much up to date with books and reading. So that is how I keep track. Next year I am thinking of making a list on my blogs about books read in 2009. What about you?

This is my post # 28 in the NaBloPoMo-challenge. See my page here.