National Blog Posting Month # 18: The Empress File by John Sandford

I love John Sandford’s Prey-series, and thought I would also check out the Kidd-series. The Empress File is the second in this series, but the first one I’ve read.
The computer-expert/artist/con-man Kidd receives a call late at night from his online friend Bobby, asking him to go to the town of Longstreet, where a black kid has been shot by the cops. The town is covering up this shooting, as it was the wrong boy who got shot.
The town’s underground hard-core black politicians are mad: about the killing of the black boy which is just the latest thing in a row of injustices, redneck racism and corruption in this small Southern town. Kidd is asked to help developing a scheme, making the current city council fall. His on and off lover, the burglar LuEllen, is brought in as his sidekick, and the story takes off.There were some intrigues in this story concerning political stuff and computer technicalities that I couldn’t quite figure out, but the story moves quickly along, and it is overall a fast and easy read. Some of the rednecks and their methods stand out as particular bad, and the freaky new-age mayor is also a good character. Though I am not rating this story a 5 star read, I am sure I will read the other Kidd-novels by John Sandford.

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