National Blog Posting Month # 6: I am Charlotte Simmons

I just bought I am Charlotte Simmons (Danish title Jeg er Charlotte Simmons) by Tom Wolfe. The book was published in 2005 and as soon as it came out, I got it from the library and began reading it at once. I don’t remember what else I was reading at that time, but I never really got into it and then I had to return it to the Library. Later I got it again from the library and the exact same thing happened. I ended up never getting around to read it, which I was actually a bit annoyed with. On the other hand I quickly read Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld (Danish title Klasse), which may be seen as a “I am Charlotte Simmons light”. The Danish copy of Prep has one of the coolest covers I have seen, way more interesting than the original cover.

In reality I cannot really compare the two books as I have never read anything by Tom Wolfe. But that is about to change. I will read I am Charlotte Simmons soon and now I cannot be excused because the library wants it back. I got my own copy now. I got it for a couple of English Pounds Sterling off of eBay. Both the Tom Wolfe book and Prep takes place on an American college campus and both er rather critical and ironic. Or at least Prep is.
Tom Wolfe had his breakthrough as a literary author (and debut I think) with The Bonfire of Vanities , which is about the 1980’s in New York. That book was later made into a movie starring Tom Hanks – and I haven’t seen the movie either.
Below are the Danish covers for the two books

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