National Blog Posting Month # 5: Food

Tonight is the night where I sit down and watch two of my favorite tv-shows about food.

First it is Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsey and next up is Top Chef with Tom Collichio. As we are sometimes very much behind here in Denmark, I am not going to put any links up for those shows. I am not sure what seasons I am watching, although I think that it is season 2 in Top Chef. But I don’t want to know who are going to win either of the competitions, so I am staying away from the shows’ websites. If you are curious, I know you are able to do some googling yourself.

As this is a blog about books and book-related stuff, I think I better mention that I have a large collection of cookbooks. I do love to cook, but I rarely use a cookbook, which is a shame, because I tend to stick to the same dishes over and over again, and when I look in a cookbook, I usually become inspired to do something new.

I know he often comes off as being a little too much, but I like British chef Jamie Oliver. I am not a huge fan of his TV-shows, but I find his cookbooks very easy to read and understand and with some very cool recipes. I have 3 Jamie Oliver cookbooks, and I believe they are the 3 first ones he wrote.

Another fave cookbook, which I actually care so much about that I do not want it to be on the kitchenshelf is my Culinaria USA. A huge book with recipes from all the different regions in USA. I cannot say that I have cooked a lot of food from that book, but leafing through it is very enjoyable.

I’d love to get my hands on the Top Chef cookbook and a couple of Gordon Ramsey’s books as well. The thing is that I prefer them to be in Danish. Not that I do not understand English, because I do, but when it comes to cooking, I do find it easier if measures and ingredients are in systems and a language I am familiar with.

As I am Danish some may think that I could have made this blog about Danish cookbooks. I will just post a few images of some of my fave Danish cookbooks. They are brilliant with very yummy recipes easy to cook. They are written by Sonja Bock and Tina Scheftelowitz. Translated they are called: Super Salads, Super Easy and Genious Dishes in a Pot

The image of the Top Chef book is by the user dulamae on flickr.
Blogger Newyorkerbyheart has a cool foodie-blog, but she mostly blogs in Danish, although there are several posts in English as well.
This post is my # 5 post in the November NaBloPoMo.