Wifey by Judy Blume

Wifey is written in 1978, and it is funnily outdated in 2008. The story about Sandy, the bored housewife with a dirty mind, and her husband Norman, their friends and families is funny and well written, but not as charming as other Judy Blume books. I am sure it created an outrage when it was first published, but today most adult readers will have read both sexier and more mature stuff than this. Not that it makes the story bad, but there are things a wife would never accept in our day and age, which she may have accepted in the 1970’es. Sandy is married to boring Norman, everything is planned, and Norman feels like they have a good life. On their wedding night he stated that he loved her, and then he also said that he did not expect her to ask or inquire about that again. When the story starts Sandy and Norman has been married in 12 years and Sandy is more than bored with Norman, their friends, their life, bored with everything. She starts to daydream, and her dreams are not pure and clean. They are dirty. Again, this is not something that will chok a reader in 2008, but there are funny and also touching moments in this book. The humour is definitely there, and it is a fast and easy read, which deals with universal problems – problems that couples had in 1970’es as well as in the 21. century.