Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Yes, this is a good story. And it is well written too. The story about Fermina Daza, Juvenal Urbino and Florentino Aziza grabbed me from the beginning. We are in South America in the late 1800’es/beginning of the 1900’es in a country ravaged by civil wars, cholera and love. The weird Florentino Aziza falls in love with the very young Fermina Daza and starts courting her with letters, lots of them. Fermina Daza also falls in love with him, and they write letters to each other for years, even after her father finds out and forbids her to have anything to do with Florentino Aziza. After a trip her father arranged in order for her to forget about him, she comes back with no plans of forgetting Florentino Aziza. But when she sees him, she changes her mind and tells him, that they should stop sending each other letters. And then we follow Florentino Aziza, Fermina Daza and Juvenal Urbino through the next 50+ years, which goes by without Florentino Aziza ever forgetting Fermina Daza. When her husband dies, he goes to his funeral and tells the widow, that he still loves her. This is actually more or less what the book begins with, so this is not meant as a spoiler. The style this novel is written in is called magic realism, and it reminded me from the beginning of some of the novels by Isabel Allende. The reason I am not giving this book 5 stars is that I felt it should have been maybe 30 or 40 pages shorter. To me, the story began dragging in the end. Otherwise highly recommendable.