Grievous Angel by Jane Hill

Very easily read story about Justine Fraser, an English woman somewhere between 38 and 34. The book is such an easy read that it is hard to believe that it has been written for a grown up audience. But on the other hand, the story has a nice flow, so no complaining about that. I had a good time reading this book, but found the plot a tad unlikely and foolish.

But okay, it goes like this: Justine lives and works in a small English town and she is a little bitter. She cannot hold on to her boyfriends, she has never really been able to cope with her sister’s suicide and most of all, she is still thinking too much about Nicky Bennet, an American superstar. Justine met Nicky when she was studying a term on an American university, and this was years before he became a star. They had a brief and hot affair. When Justine went back to England, she never thought she would see Nicky again, but he comes to her and for a short while they are happier than anything. Then he leaves, become a superstar and seems to have forgotten all about Justine. She, on the other hand, has not forgotten Nicky, and when news break that he has gone missing, possibly to commit suicide. When Justine reads in the news, what is supposedly Nicky’s suicide note, she decides to go over there and look for him. She is determined to find him and get to the bottom of why he left her back then. Justine is in for a good handful of surprises on her quest to find Nicky Bennet and this book is highly entertaining. But also a little silly. It is supposed to be a thriller, but I think it is as much a chick lit as it is a thriller