Gallows View by Peter Robinson

This is the first in a long series with InspectorAlan Banks as the main character. I had already read a couple when I decided to read the whole series and begin with the beginning.
I am under no circumstances familiar with the topography of England, but I do know that this series takes place in the fictious town called Eastvale in Yorkshire. Readers with a knowledge of Yorkshire will probably be able to see the town before their eyes, I am imagining somthing like Cambridge, but that is probably dead wrong….
As this is the first book, there is a “list” of persons the reader needs to get to know. First and foremost we have Inspector Banks, who has moved to Eastvale from London with his family, hoping that country life would be more quiet than London-life. But he soon discovers that also Eastvale has its share of crime and bad guys. In this first book, Banks is involved in three cases. There is the peeping Tom who follows single women who has been out drinking, there is a series of break ins and then there is the murder of an elderly woman. The book is a classic crime/mystery with a sympathetic cast (except for the bad guys of course) and with my knowledge of the few other books in the series I have read, I do look forward to read them all.