Faithless by Karin Slaughter

I’ve read all the Sara Linton/Grant County books and I have finally begun actually liking them. I’ve had a tough time with some of the characters and their extremely stupid behaviour and choices. But the story in Faithless moves forward fast with a highly interesting plot, which makes it hard to put the darn book aside when you have begun reading it.

Sara and Jeffrey, her ex-husband, are having the usual problems in their relationship, and I am at a point, where I want to them to finally figure out to split for good or re-marry. It is looking like it is Sara who thinks about those things, more than Jeffrey does, and I really, really hope that this will be solved. It’s getting OLD! Same thing goes for detective Lena Adams and her childish behaviour. She SO needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled brat, even though a lot of things in her life (and childhood) might justify her behaviour. I am just getting very tired of it. Those characters need to learn!

After the presentation of the book’s characters, the plot quickly moves to the gruesome case they are trying to solve: Young girls being buried alive in the woods.

Sara and Jeffrey are led to a religious sect, whose members are not too friendly. At least that is how it looks on the surface. The members of the sect act weird and all that they say or doesn’t say seems suspicious.

But how far back in time does Sara and Jeffrey have to go to find out what had “justified” the liveburial of those girls. That is definitely nervewracking reading and I was totally caught up in the story. Much more than I have been with the other books in the Grant County series.