At Risk by Patricia Cornwell

What the hell has happened to Patricia Cornwell? I usually love her books, specially the very well written ones about medical examiner Kay Scarpetta, seven though a couple of them has been rather weak as well.

This one, At Risk, has a new hero as the main character, the policeman Win Garano. He is sent to Southern USA on a special forensics course by his super ambitious employer, DA Monique Lamont who resides in Massachussetts. Suddenly he is called back to Massachussetts where he is told to look into a 20 year old murder case in Tennessee, in order to boost the DA’s political ambitions. Confused? So was I.

Win Garano never gets the time to go to Tennessee, because suddenly a lot of unforeseen stuff happens, which makes it crucial that he stays in Massachussetts. He then has to crack the case with the help of a colleague, a slighty akward police woman in Tennessee, via mail and phone. At the same time he has to look into those unforeseen things mentioned before. All persons are rather unsympathetic, including Win Garano who I really did not care for at all. The plot is everywhere and there are many loose ends. I didn’t get halft the plotline at all. That the book is rather short was a relief, although a good editor would have tightened the story up a bit. Not a good read and not recommendable. Boring and confusing.