Triptych by Karin Slaughter

A start of a new series or just a onetime stray-away from the Grant County series? No matter what, I was not disappointed with this interesting new Karin Slaughter novel. The characters did not feel well developed and the story and the plot could’ve been somewhat tighter, but all in all I felt very entertained by this easy read and well written book. A heroin addicted prostitute is found murdered in one of the projects in Atlanta. Detective Ormewood is put on the case, where he soon finds himself teamed up with an agent, Will Trent, from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Agent Trent is put on the case because there are some gruesome similarities between the way the prostitute was killed and some cases Trent has worked with earlier, cases which are still not solved. The murder of the prostitute is the frame set up to bring those new Karin Slaughter-characters together, adding to them some other new characters, and the story unfolds from page one, making room for a good handful of suspenseful surprises along the way. I am looking forward to see if there will be other books about the characters in Triptych, because some of them are definitely worth following. And like I said, they could’ve been developed better, but it was still a good book, and if you like a good and easily read thriller, this is a good one!