The Deep End of the Ocean by Jacquelyn Mitchard

When 3-year old Ben Cappadora goes missing in a Chicago hotel, everybody thinks he is just playing hide and seek, and will be found again in a matter of minutes. As the hours go by and Ben remains missing, the horrible truth dawns on his mother Beth, and the rest of her high school class, who were at the hotel to celebrate their 15 year reunion. Ben has been kidnapped, while being looked after for a few minutes by his older brother Vincent. No one has seen or heard anything, and the police come up completely emptyhanded, as the weeks, months and years drags on and goes by. Beth and her family slowly falls apart as the years go by, and the dynamics of this tragedy is described in well written language and with a good eye for even the smallest details,and the story is told from different points of view. The whole family copes or tries to cope with the tragedy in different ways, and when life finally seems to be almost back to normal, another event happens, which open up old wounds and tear the family apart anew.