The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster

I have always liked Paul Austers novels, and the sometimes weird way they go. The Brooklyn Follies is almost Auster-light, because the novel is more fun and not so ‘dark’ as many of Paul Auster’s other works. It is about Nathan Glass, cancer-patient, moving back to Brooklyn after his divorce. Here in Brooklyn Nathan prepares to die, and doesn’t think life has more in store for him. He develops a small crush on a waitress and he starts writing stories about his own and other people’s follies. And he is prepared to die. But very soon his routines are somewhat disturbed, and Nathan becomes involved in other people’s lives. He meets Tom, the failed literate who is his nephew, Harry, who owns the bookstore where Tom works, and other people who cross Nathan and his friend’s paths in Brooklyn. As usual in a Paul Auster novel, it looks like it is the coincidences controlling which way the persons move and which roads they do not travel. Highly recommendable.