House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

I read The House of The Spirits more than 10 years ago, and found it a fantastic read back then. A book that made me borh laugh and cry. I just finished the re-reading, and must say that it is still a fantastic book, so full of emotions that it is hard to forget the story and the persons in the story.
It is the patriarch, Esteban Trueba and his granddaughter, Alba, who tells us the story of the Trueba family, from the beginnings of the last century until the days of the miltary coup in the 1970’es.
Esteban is a powerful and extremely temperamental man, and his temper is like a red line through this story. He marries the almost angelic Clara, who can speak with the dead and move things without touching them. His love is so deep that he has trouble showing it, and his rage so extreme, that it make him do fatal mistakes again and again. He manages to estrange himself from Clara and their children, and things does not fall into place before the country has been overtaken by the military junta, and nothing is like it should be in Esteban’s mind.
The language in this book is beautiful, and although the story is difficult to read at times, it is a pageturner. You have to know what happens to the persons you have become to love or hate through this story. It has to be considered a modern classic, and it is highly recommendable to all.