Goodnight Nobody by Jennifer Weiner

This was definitely not one of Jennifer Weiner’s best books. I have never been a total fan, but have enjoyed her previous well written and witty novels. This murder mystery meets chick lit meets love story was kind of boring, and Weiner did not succeed. The whole story feels half hearted, and it took me ages to get through it. Kate is a bored housewife who suddenly finds herself in suburban New York with 3 small kids and an almost non-existent husband. A husband, we learn, that she cannot be that crazy about. She still dreams about a friend from New York whom she had a secret crush on. Her boring life get spiced up a bit when one of the ‘super-moms’ of Suburbia gets killed, and Kate takes it upon herself to solve the murder. The grounds has been laid to develop a fun and exciting mystery, but we never really get to the bottom of things, and at last, when things are wrapped up, you are left with a feeling of ‘was that it?’. The book is still well written, and Weiner has a knack for fun dialogues, and that is what makes this book earn two stars and not just one.