The Lake of Dead Languages by Carol Goodman

A lake, a boarding school, teenage girls……Well, that can only mean things will happen and that things has happened. The mysterious Heart Lake, close to a boarding school for teenage girls, is what everything circles around in this wonderful and dark story. From the first pages we learn that Jane Hudson has returned to her old boarding school, now in a Latin teacher’s position. We also quickly get the feeling that something dark and terrible happened when Jane herself was a student there. And that it had to do with the lake, a certain Latin teacher and Jane’s friends. The language in the book flows easily, the chapters are never too long, most of the characters are interesting, the mystery very interesting (although not that hard to figure out, about half way into the book) and the looming presence of the lake is felt on all pages of the book. No, it is not sensational literature, but this book makes for a very good read, perfect for a lazy summer’s day or a cosy winter day.