The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

This book was recommended to me by a book club friend, and I purchased it right away. However, it took me some months to actually sit down and read it, because to begin with, I was afraid the story did not sound appealing at all and like nothing I’d like to read. How wrong I was! The story about Laban’s four daughters and Dinah, “their” daughter, is an amazing story about growing up, becoming a woman, about love and hate, about men and women, about sex, child births, triupmhs and tragedies. This book has it all, and even though it is build on biblical characters, it doesn’t become “too biblical” in any way. The story is well developed and the characters easy to associate with, even though the story takes place thousands of years ago.
It is definitely a book for female readers, and I am not sure all men will enjoy it as much as the women will.
I would have rated this a 5-star read if the last part of the book had moved just a bit quicker and if the editors had cut maybe 20 or 30 pages out, but all in all this is a hugely recommendable book.