The Laughing Corpse: Second book about Anita Blake, vampirehunter

Anita is back, she is tough, she works hard, she raises the dead for a living, she is not easily scared…or is she?In this book two about Anita’s adventures she is hunting a killer zombie, and this hunt brings her close to a master voodoo-queen, way too close for comfort. At the same time, a mobster with a taste for disabled girls in wheelchairs, wants her to raise a very old zombie. Somthing she has denied doing, as it requires human sacrifice to raise such an old zombie. The mobster is not overly happy by being turned down by Anita, and she also has to fight her growing lust towards Jean-Claude, master vampire of St. Louis. She is, after all, known among vampires as the Executioner, and then she cannot be Jean-Claude’s human servant….Anita has a lot going on, there are zombies on the loose, hunky vampires, ghouls, blood, gore and also some humor. A very exciting and funny read, highly entertaining.