Guilty Pleasures: First book about Anita Blake, vampirehunter

Anita Blake is our heroine in this first book in a series by Laurell K. Hamilton. Anita lives in St. Louis in a world where where vampires and an array of otherworldly creatures interact with humans. Vampires and humans has equal rights in this society. Anita is an animator, she can raise the dead. She does not believe that vampires should have equal rights, she believes that they are a menace to society, and she hunts them. In “Guilty Pleasures”, the first book in a series of 14 books so far, she is hired, against her will, to find out who is murdering some of the city’s prominent vampires.This challenge takes her places she has never been before, and she is going to see things she never dreamed of. It is a very easy read, and very entertaining. The set up of the book; vampires/humans with equal rights, is very clever, and I am looking forward to read the other books in this series.